Canned Mackerel Sandwich- An Easy Lunch Idea

How to make a tasty canned mackerel sandwich!

canned mackerel sandwich with creamed corn from

Mackerel and Tomato Sandwich

Imagine the scenario. You have a can of mackerel. You bought it because it was cheap and it  might be useful some day, or maybe because it says on the front that it’s high in Omega 3 and you know you should eat more oily fish.

Maybe you are a student, and this tin was bought for you by a charitable relative, or maybe it was on special offer. Either way, this tin has been at the bottom of your cupboard for a long time. What on earth can you do with it?

Tinned mackerel is indeed inexpensive, and one little tin will make two rounds of sandwiches. This juicy fish has a rounded flavour, so it won’t stink your bag out and it will go with a lot of other things. Here are some mackerel sandwich combinations to try:


1. Mackerel and tomato.

Break up the mackerel with your fingers and spread it over the bread. Lay sliced tomato on top, and apply black pepper liberally.

2. Mackerel and chutney.

I find that tomato chutney works well, but fruit and onion based chutneys also work.

Canned mackerel sandwich with baked apple from

3. Mackerel and baked apple.

No really, it works! Chop the apple into small chunks and cook it in the microwave for a minute or two, then arrange the mackerel and the apple on the bread.

4. Mackerel and creamed sweetcorn.

Blend a generous handful of sweetcorn until it’s smooth, add lashings of pepper and use like chutney. Lip-smackingly good!

For a mackerel sandwich I normally use mackerel in brine or oil and drain it. However, tins of  flavoured mackerel, or mackerel in sauce, can be tasty.  For another idea why not try zingy mackerel salad?

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