More Carrot and Onion Ideas

Carrots and onions are just so cheap and versatile – and I aim to add more recipes of my own to demonstrate this. However, my plans were interrupted by my son’s unexpected hospital stay, and I’m just getting back to blogging again. You will be […]

More Tahini Ideas

I have finally come to the end of my Tahini experiments- I’ve learned a lot about this humble ingredient, and will definitely be using it more often! In fact, I can’t wait for the next chance I have to cook with  it.  I’ve been sent […]

Canned Mackerel Sandwich- An Easy Lunch Idea

Canned Mackerel Sandwich- An Easy Lunch Idea

How to make a tasty canned mackerel sandwich! Imagine the scenario. You have a can of mackerel. You bought it because it was cheap and it  might be useful some day, or maybe because it says on the front that it’s high in Omega 3 […]

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