Cooking with Spice

A useful guide with recipes

Cooking with spice is not something that comes naturally to many in Britain and the US, however we are fast becoming used to eating spicy food. Peri peri sauce is a staple of the condiments aisle, and thai green curry a chain pub basic.

If you’re not confident cooking with spice or you want to learn more about them, this is the place to start. Spices have been a regular feature on the British dinner table since the time of Samuel Peyps and come from all over the world. Don’t be put off by the lengthy lists of spices in Indian recipes – you can make a tasty curry with just two or three and many spices are used in different cuisines. Cinnamon may be good in hot chocolate – but it’s also great in a Mexican mole or a Keralan coconut-rich curry.

I’ll be adding profiles of individual spices here, along with recipes using just one or two spices so you can get a feel for what a spice does. This should enable you to build your own collection and begin (or continue! ) experimenting with flavours.

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