Creamy Butternut Pasta with Frozen Squash

This butternut pasta is so easy – the perfect creamy lunch or dinner dish. No roux, no rich cream or soft cheese either. I like it with a sprinkling of chilli, but I think it would be yummy with crispy bacon too if you’re not vegetarian.

bowl of creamy butternut squash pasta with chive and chilli garnish, and fork to the side

Have you ever tried frozen butternut squash? Do you mostly just use a bit of frozen peas or mixed veg to heat up as a side, or are you embracing all the frozen wonders that are now available? I’ve used frozen mushrooms before, and even frozen onions.

Frozen veg aren’t just for convenience – they’re great for saving waste. Frozen veg can stay in my freezer for months at a time so I plan in a meal or two that uses them. If there is fresh veg left over I use that instead, and the frozen waits for another time. If I buy a packet of carrots or onions those not needed this time can get wasted, but with frozen veg they will happily keep until I need them.

You can’t understate the convenience though- frozen vegetables mean I can cook proper meals even when it’s a work day, I’m running late and the small one is tired and grumpy. Butternut squash is a perfect example – it’s a nightmare to peel, then you have to scrape the seeds out and chop.

Even better, this butternut pasta achieves something with the frozen version of the vegetable that’s hard with a fresh one. As frozen butternut squash is pre cooked it mushes down quickly to form part of the sauce. Yummy!

Butternut Pasta Tips

Do you need frozen squash? No, at a pinch you can do this with leftover roasted squash. You can cook it like this in advance, low and slow, then just scrape it out of the skin, chop it and add it with the milk.

I’ve written this butternut pasta recipe so it produces one generous bowl of pasta – enough for a lunch or dinner for one. You could stretch it to a meal for two with salad and crusty bread. It multiplies up nicely, but you may need to adjust the milk and cornstarch quantities. Just add milk until the level matches the picture below in relation to the pasta. Add one tablespoon of cornstarch to start with. If it isn’t thick enough add another tablespoon, remembering to mix it to a paste with a little milk.

Step By Step

measuring cup of squash with scales pan of pasta in background
Weigh out the pasta and measure the frozen squash
pan with cooked drained pasta and squash
Boil the pasta and squash until tender, then drain.
pan of drained pasta and squash with a fork having mashed the squash
Mash the squash slightly with a fork
pan of drained pasta and squash with added milk
Add the milk and garlic and bring to the boil.
pan of thickened butternut pasta with wooden spoon stirring in grated (shredded) cheese, with cheese grater to side
Mix the cornstarch to a paste with a little milk. As soon as the pan comes to the boil stir it in rapidly. Grate (shred) the cheese in and stir well.
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bowl of creamy butternut pasta with a sprinkling of chilli
Creamy 20 Minute Butternut Pasta with Frozen Squash
Prep Time
3 mins
Cook Time
17 mins
Total Time
20 mins

This easy vegetarian pasta dish uses frozen squash for convenience – and creaminess!

Course: Dinner
Cuisine: British
Keyword: one pot pasta
Servings: 1 large bowl
Calories: 633 kcal
Author: Lizzie
  • 3 oz dried pasta 85g
  • 1 us cup frozen squash 250ml/a handful
  • 170 ml milk 6 floz – plus a little extra
  • 1tsp garlic granules
  • 1 Tbsp cornflour/cornstarch
  • 1 oz cheese 28g/a big slice
  • chilli powder to taste
  1. Place the butternut squash and pasta in a pan with freshly boiled water and cook until the pasta is tender.

  2. Drain the pasta and squash. Mash the squash slightly with a fork.

  3. Mix the cornstarch/cornflour into a paste with a little milk.

  4. Add the milk and garlic granules and stir well. Bring the pan back up to the boil.

  5. Stir in the cornstarch/flour paste until the sauce thickens. If the sauce was boiling energetically it should thicken pretty much instantly.

  6. Grate/shred the cheese and stir in until it melts. Serve, with a sprinkling of chilli if you wish.

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