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Spicy Courgette and Mushroom Scramble

For me, Sunday lunch is rarely a big roasted-meat affair, but rather something quickly thrown togehter.   The reason for  this is that I never seem to plan meals for Sunday, so it’s a question of ‘right, what have I got left, and how can I […]

Sandwich Idea: Refried Bean Style Dip

What do you do when you don’t have the time to cook pasta, and your fridge and cupboards yield no tins of fish, packets of ham or convenient eggs?  No matter how hard you stare at the fridge, it does not contain chutney, pate or […]

About Me

My name’s Lizzie, and I live in York, UK. In Britain we’ve been enjoying cuisine from around the world (or at least nicking the bits we like) for over 100 years. My own city of York has been a melting pot since the time of […]

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