Sandwich Idea: Refried Bean Style Dip

What do you do when you don’t have the time to cook pasta, and your fridge and cupboards yield no tins of fish, packets of ham or convenient eggs?  No matter how hard you stare at the fridge, it does not contain chutney, pate or salad, or even tahini to make hummus.

Refried Bean Style Dip

You’re too stubborn to admit defeat and buy lunch, though.   And wherever there’s food, there’s potential for a packed lunch.  This is something I’ve made a couple of times when short on ideas for butties, and admittedly some of the ingredients won’t be everyone’s idea of a staple. It’s a bit different though, and your bank balance will like it.

This spread is a fusion of refried beans and hummus.  You’ll need a food processor or hand blender.   Start with a can of beans- kidney beans or pinto beans, ideally, but you could use pretty much anything. Drain them and put them in your blender.

If you have one, chop and cook a pepper. You can fry it or grill it, whatever’s most convenient. If you don’t have one, take a handful of frozen peppers and defrost them in a little cold water.  When you’ve prepared your pepper, add it to the blender.

Now for the rest of the seasoning.   Add a splash of lemon juice (or lime, if you’re feeling adventurous) and chop and add up to four slices of jalapeno.  You can also add a hint of coriander, cumin, ceyenne pepper or chilli if you have them.

Now just whizz it all up until it’s smooth! And always remember to taste it before adding it to sandwiches….

Tip: Frozen peppers and jalapenos aren’t cheap, but they keep for a long time and are really useful for quick meals.

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