Slow Cooked Chicken Orzo with Yogurt

Chicken Orzo in the Slow Cooker - an easy meal from

This chicken orzo dish is so easy in the slow cooker. For more slow cooker ideas check out my tips here. Sign up for my emails and you can download a free slow cooker tips printable!

A bowl of slow cooker chicken orzo topped with parmesan and basil - an easy recipe from

I love making meals that my toddler son just devours – and this is by no means limited to traditional kids’ stuff like cheesy pasta and chips. In fact, two of his favourites are prawns and olives. This meal contains many of his preferred foods – chicken, yogurt, mushrooms, and orzo – a perfect pasta for spooning in without much thought. Orzo is also quick to cook and doesn’t absorb as much water as some pastas, so it’s ideal for adding to a slow cooker dish at the last minute.

Cooking Tips

I used thigh portions for this meal, but diced chicken or breast would do fine – it’s a really long cooking time, and the chicken ends up shredded. If you don’t have eight hours just turn the slow cooker up and reduce the cooking time – my handy guide explains this in more detail.

What garlic do you use? I’m currently experimenting with a jar of pre chopped ‘lazy’ garlic. It keeps for weeks in the fridge, has a better taste than garlic powder and there’s no risk of it sprouting.

The orzo takes half an hour to cook, but you can just leave the slow cooker to it for this time. Whether you spend that time getting some jobs done, or just chilling, I leave up to you! Parmesan and fresh basil are entirely optional, but as orzo is a type of pasta we thought we’d make the effort.

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Chicken Orzo in the Slow Cooker
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
8 hrs 45 mins
Total Time
8 hrs 55 mins

This chicken and vegetable dish is so easy in the slow cooker

Course: Dinner
Cuisine: British
Servings: 4
Author: Lizzie
  • 500 g mushrooms
  • 250 g cherry tomatoes
  • 3 small leeks
  • 6 chicken thigh fillets
  • 300 ml stock, broth or bouillon
  • 2 tsp jarred or chopped garlic
  • 2 tsp dried herbs
  • 6 oz dried orzo
  • 10 tbsp natural yogurt
  • parmesan and torn basil leaves, to taste (optional)
  1. Wash and slice the mushrooms and leeks. Wash and quarter the tomatoes.

  2. Place them in the slow cooker with the chicken fillets.

  3. Make up or warm the stock, broth or bouillon. Stir this in, along with the spices.

  4. Cook on low for around 8 hours.

  5. Add the orzo and cook on high for a further 30 minutes.

  6. Stir in the yogurt and cook for 15 more minutes. Serve with parmesan and torn basil leaves if desired.

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