Slow Cooker Marmalade Glazed Ham

Slow cooker marmalade glazed ham – pretty foolproof, but fancy enough for a special occasion.

marmalade glazed ham

Our first married Christmas, Christmas Day itself was just the two of us, so we boiled the meat, a gammon joint, and roasted the vegetables. It was a veritable feast – it certainly doesn’t have to be turkey to be Christmas. Indeed, according to Desmond Morris’s Christmas Watching, ham has been associated with midwinter for much longer than Jesus has.

Now we eat goose and nut roast for Christmas dinner, and therefore often cook a ham at New Year. We often bake it as well as boiling it, though. If you cook the ham first it’s a pretty low stress process as it’s already cooked – unless it’s totally charcoaled, it should still be edible however you cook it. Just adapt the cooking time and temperature to suit your accompaniments.

Plate of gammon slices with orange slice garnish

No Fuss Ham

This marmalade glazed ham isn’t a fancy pants recipe that will use half your spice rack, and doesn’t require expensive ingredients (unless you choose an expensive ham). It’s possible the chef-designed marmalade glazed ham tastes a little better, but for the average home cook with just two hands and many dishes to prepare, who’s got the time? I used supermarket value marmalade this time, and it tasted just fine – beautifully soft ham with a sticky-crunchy crust.

It’s just as useful in the summer to add to salads and sandwiches or make quick midweek meals with – for examople, this one ended its days as ham and lentil soup, and a ham Bolognese. You could even put it in a pie It freezes well – just make sure you defrost it thoroughly before cooking. Remember to save your cooking water for soups and gravies, yum!

Pictured here with my orange roasted carrots and parsnips.

Gammon slices with vegetables and dish of veg in the background

Slow Cooker Marmalade Glazed Gammon
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
4 hrs 35 mins
Total Time
4 hrs 45 mins

A no fuss recipe for special meals. Calories given are based on 6 servings from a 1.5kg ham

Course: Dinner
Calories: 399.54 kcal
Author: Lizzie
  • 1 - 1.5 kg gammon joint - smoked or unsmoked 2.2-3.3lb
  • 1/3 of a 1lb jar of marmalade
  1. Place the ham in the bottom of the slow cooker and cover with freshly boiled water so it's just covered.
  2. Cook for four hours on low.
  3. At the end of this time I'd be very surprised if it isn't done, but I check by inserting a meat thermometer into the middle.
  4. Smother it in marmalade. Get your hands in there and rub a good thick layer all over it, making sure there's plenty on the top. You can turn it if you like to make sure the bottom is covered, but as it melts in the oven it will ooze marmaladey goodness down to the bottom.
  5. Finish it off by baking in the oven at gas mark 6 for around 35 minutes, or until it begins to blacken on the top. I used the marmaladey juices in the gravy, yum.
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