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Weeknight Butterbean and Mushroom Bake

Weeknight Butterbean and Mushroom Bake

  The nights are drawing in, and it’s only a couple of days until Halloween. It’s the time of year for warming soups and stews, chillis and jacket potatoes. The clocks have gone back, though, so it’s also duvet time of year, put-the-heating on time […]

Spicy Courgette and Mushroom Scramble

For me, Sunday lunch is rarely a big roasted-meat affair, but rather something quickly thrown togehter.   The reason for  this is that I never seem to plan meals for Sunday, so it’s a question of ‘right, what have I got left, and how can I […]

Mushrooms with Peppercorns and Basil

On Saturday I was faced with one of those evenings where I have to work out what to do with the random things left from a previous meal.  In this case, the previous meal had been Italian, so I had basil, one tomato and a […]

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