Veggie Pick ‘n Mix Stew

Pick n Mix Vegetable Stew

Stew is one of those deeply comforting things- like tea- that seem to make the whole world better.   Stew is the stuff of tradition, and meals remembered from childhood.   It’s pretty much a national dish.

But stew doesn’t have to take a long time to make, and it doesn’t need meat to be flavoursome.   Whether you’re veggie or not, give this economical formula a go. There’s no exotic spices- unless you want to add them- and no exotic ingredients, just  varied vegetables with fresh herbs to add some sparkle.


Veggie Pick 'n Mix Stew
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  • Two vegetables, one a root vegetable and one that's different, for example, turnip and leek, sweet potato and fennel, carrot and cabbage.
  • A fresh herb, for example, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, sage.
  • A handful of lentils- any sort will do, but split red lentils cook quicker.
  • Vegetable stock or water- stock powder or cubes are fine.
  • Seasoning- you could use a little salt and pepper, or some spices, such as cumin, ginger, or paprika- experiment and see what works for you!
  • Something to liven up the gravy, such as 1tbsp mushroom ketchup, 1tsp marmite or a dash of soy sauce.
  • If you are particulary hungry or want the meal to go a long way add a potato.


  1. Boil the kettle and, if you're using it, make up the stock.  Rinse, peel and chop the root vegetable into pieces of about 1-2 cm squared, and rinse and chop or shred the other vegetable as appropriate.  Rinse and finely chop the herb.
  2. Place the vegetables, lentils and seasoning in a pan, and just cover with stock or water.   Boil pan gently until the vegetables are just soft enough to push a fork into, and stir in the chopped herb.   Cook for a few more minutes, and serve with plenty of bread.
  3. It's that simple!  The last one I made was turnip, carrot, tarragon and leek- it turned out more like soup than stew, but it still made a pan-lickingly-good meal.  Don't forget to taste the sauce before serving,  in case the seasoning needs adjusting.


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