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A slice of easy slow roast goose from grubdujour.com
Easy Slow Roast Goose in Apple Juice
Prep Time
1 hr
Cook Time
6 hrs
Total Time
7 hrs

A simple, no frills recipe that produces succulent melt-in-the-mouth slow roast goose. The perfect foolproof festive roast. Calories given are per ounce of roast goose

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: British
Servings: 6 people +
Calories: 846 kcal
Author: Lizzie
  • 5-6 kg whole goose (11-13 lbs)
  • 1 pint apple juice (500ml)
  • 500 g forcemeat stuffing (approx 1lb)
  1. Take the goose out of the fridge an hour before you plan to start cooking so it comes up to room temperature, and remove the packaging. Preheat your oven to gas mark 7 (220c/425F). Remember to rearrange any shelves in your oven so the goose will fit.

  2. When you are ready to put it in the oven place it on a roasting tin with a griddle/trivet so it doesn't sit in the fat that drains off. Pour the apple juice into the bottom, and stab the skin well with a sharp knife. Remove any giblets and place the goose in the preheated oven.

  3. One hour later, baste the goose so it stays moist and turn it down to gas mark 1 (140c/275F). I basted by using a teaspoon to spread juices over the bird.

  4. Baste every hour, and turn it roughly half way through cooking. We cooked for a total of 6.5 hours, and then left it to rest, covered, until we were ready to carve it.